Not what it sounds like (never been one for the horror genre). Stephen King, in his memoir On Writing, recommends pushing through the first draft of your novel in 3 months or less.

While I like NaNoWriMo and what it stands for, it doesn’t fit my lifestyle or drafting-style. Three months is just enough time to be a challenge for me, without overwhelming me and forcing me to write unusable crap.

So for my one (and probably only) New Year’s Resolution, I’m embarking on my own little hero’s journey–to overcome the twin antagonists of Perfectionism and Anxiety and their incidental ally, Time Constraints, to achieve one more milestone on the road to pursuing my dream of a published novel.

(I probably won’t update much on my work in progress, since my brain is usually only good for one writing project at a time, but I did want to at least give lip service to the idea of a public ‘writing journey’ diary.