This is my world; my story. It comes from my head and my heart.

I have no thematic obligations; I have no stylistic obligations.

My stories are my own; a piece of me. I will embrace the strength and the weakness.

My process is exclusive to me, and it is as beautiful as it is weird.

My style is individualistic—some will love it, some will hate it.

My characters will never be pristine, but I will make them memorable.

My story will never appeal to everyone, but I will make it appealing.

My story will never be absolutely unique, but I will make it one of a kind.

My story will never be perfect, but it will be my best.

I will never have a flawless draft—but I will have a final draft.

I will never be “finished,” but I will be published.

I may never write brilliantly, but I will write consistently.

I may never be the best, but I will never stop being better.

Some will praise my work, more will criticize it. I won’t be one of the critics.

Second-guessing myself will never improve my writing; believing in myself will.

Follow the story. Enjoy the journey. Embrace the unusual.

I am the writer.

So I must write.