She sits, legs tossed over the arm of a faded chair, little face buried in a worn library copy of The Hobbit. Too-big brown eyes gobble up the words, lost in the adventures of Bilbo Baggins.

That was me at seven years old—part-time brat, full-time dreamer, always someone else and somewhere else.

I had never been anywhere quite like Middle Earth. I’d never been exposed to the kind of stakes I found in those battered pages. Nor had I ever experienced an epic battle between good and evil like I did when I devoured The Lord of the Rings a year or so later.

Some hidden part of my mind just came alive that day. Since that day, I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours upon painstaking hours writing stories, reading stories, scrapping stories, refining stories, finishing stories.

I grew up and interned as an editorial assistant at Enclave Publishing before becoming a professional writer and editor in the corporate world, though my first love has always been and will always be fiction. I continue to write and refine novels, and am currently working on the project I plan to get published, Hidden in the Light, an epic fantasy set in an arctic world.

I often find myself wishing for more places online that celebrated stories and talked about them meaningfully. Because for some of us, stories are so much more than entertainment. So I figured – why not create a place like that myself? A Crack in the Fourth Wall was born.

This blog is a place for me to talk about story—the stories I write, the stories I read—how story is created, and how it impacts our lives. Join me on this journey.