The Phoenix Gambit

Jenn Ferra, a tough, gun-slinging mage, is in New London, looking for the ultimate revenge. To get it, she’ll have to sell her soul to the devil one more time.

But when the pivotal gambit in Jenn’s plan raises her to hero status, she makes one critical mistake: she lets herself care for someone else.

Now the lives of half the city depend on her, and her greatest enemy is poised to profit from her every misstep.

And sooner or later, the Devil’s going to collect…

Works in Progress: An Update

I've held off on writing any sort of update on story progress for one simple reason (besides the obvious one of procrastination): Every time I think to write an update... my update changes. Back in January, I was psyched to write about how I'd been crushing my goals...

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What I'm Writing

The Phoenix Gambit
Phase:First Draft
Due:10 months ago