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Sometimes, Writers Don’t Write

Sometimes, “a writer writes” seems like the only writing advice anyone has to offer. The mantra, and variations of it, pepper my Facebook feed, Twitter feed, and several of the writing blogs I follow. But, while the mantra is not untrue — and is meant as encouragement — the hard truth of the matter is that, sometimes, writers don’t write. Sometimes, writers just breathe Sometimes, there really is just too much going on. In 2014, I moved away from home, got my first corporate job, got engaged, planned a wedding, and got married. All within 6 months. And yet I still felt guilty when...

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The Ambition of Art

Today, I was reintroduced to the beauty of pure creativity. I was at a coffee shop with an old friend, a multi-talented artist. As we caught up, I marveled at the eager abandon with which she discussed her recent creative projects. To her, these projects weren’t even projects… a cosplay costume, a stageplay, a poem turned into a song, these were things she did for the love of them. There was no worry about the market for her work, no wondering if the caliber of her art was good enough for the ubiquitous “them.” And in her eyes, I...

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The Apathy of Art

You taste the thrill of unfettered creation. Your Muse appears, and you’re off like a lost kite in a whirlwind of ideas. You ride it. Your productivity soars high; your dreams soar higher. Caught up in the moment, you promise the Muse everything: you’ll create without inhibition, you’ll work on your art every day, you’ll quit your day job because, dammit, you can do this — and why would you spend one more day doing anything else? But like a summer storm, your inspiration passes every bit as quickly as it appeared. You feel it only in phantom pains, like a...

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Ideas are Bulletproof – and Dangerous

As the credits rolled on V for Vendetta, many thoughts rolled through my mind. While the film raises more questions of philosophy and morality than it answers, the theme that struck me most was the incredible power of ideas. “Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.” The mysterious V — always masked, always anonymous — declares himself to be an idea, with all the power and possibility therein. But while it’s easy to see how V for Vendetta champions the nobility and power of The Idea, it also excellently...

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‘Uphill and Into the Wind’ : A Review of The Assassin’s Apprentice (Robin Hobb)

To read is to travel: to come as a stranger to a foreign land, with strange new names, customs, histories, and even laws of nature. Sometimes, our travels take us to very exotic lands, where the color and novelty of everything is what draws us in and entices us to stay a while. Other times, we travel somewhere far away, yet it feels just like coming home. We slip into a character that fits us as comfortably as a favorite t-shirt and makes us feel like we’ve woken up to a world that we knew, and only briefly forgot....

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