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Sometimes, Writers Don’t Write

Sometimes, “a writer writes” seems like the only writing advice anyone has to offer. The mantra, and variations of it, pepper my Facebook feed, Twitter feed, and several of the writing blogs I follow. But, while the mantra is not untrue — and is meant as...

The Ambition of Art

Today, I was reintroduced to the beauty of pure creativity. I was at a coffee shop with an old friend, a multi-talented artist. As we caught up, I marveled at the eager abandon with which she discussed her recent creative projects. To her, these projects weren’t even...

The Apathy of Art

You taste the thrill of unfettered creation. Your Muse appears, and you’re off like a lost kite in a whirlwind of ideas. You ride it. Your productivity soars high; your dreams soar higher. Caught up in the moment, you promise the Muse everything: you’ll create without...

The Writer’s Manifesto

THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO WRITE. This is my world; my story. It comes from my head and my heart. I have no thematic obligations; I have no stylistic obligations. My stories are my own; a piece of me. I will embrace the strength and the weakness. My process is exclusive...

Lessons from A CITY STAINED RED (Review)

Thanks to Goodreads and the power of positive peer pressure, I'm working on the goal of reading 20 books this year. Along with this goal, I want to get in the habit of reviewing those books on my blog. I'm of the firm opinion that every book you read can help you grow...

Works in Progress: An Update

I've held off on writing any sort of update on story progress for one simple reason (besides the obvious one of procrastination): Every time I think to write an update... my update changes. Back in January, I was psyched to write about how I'd been crushing my goals...

About E.M. Irish

Welcome to the blog of writer E.M. Irish, where art meets life and fantasy informs reality. Read thoughts on literature, art, and fantasy, and how they shape the world we live in.

When not blogging or noveling, you'll find Irish playing Dungeons & Dragons, drinking chai lattes, and reading whatever she can get her hands on.

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