The sun is setting. It will not return for sixty days.
Monsters are rising out of myth. Answers lie buried in a ruined city.
Four outcasts will cross a world of waking evil to find them.

An ancient order of hunters have chosen their savior…

For three thousand years, the monster-slaying Fjendi have held to their traditions, awaiting the day when the world would need them again. When Aethen Valforn is chosen by lot as their Wyrd, the one to channel evil away from her people, she has no idea that their ancient enemies will rise again on her watch.

A woman with forbidden power must choose her path…

Brenn Ferra has spent her life hiding from her own magic. She wields the element of fire, a power only monsters possess; a power that exacts a terrible price. When tragedy strikes her tribe, Brenn will journey to the ends of the earth to understand the source of her power—and to find a way to be free of it.

When chance throws Brenn and Aethen together with a man from the distant land of the Seen Gods, they discover secrets that will either save their world—or shatter it.