Join me in early December…

Nothing will make or break your story like your characters. Stories entertain us through characters, by allowing us to enter their worlds, their journeys, their lives. Stories engage us through characters, by engulfing us in their conflicts, heartaches, and triumphs. Stories encourage us through characters who develop and undergo transformation.

Yet so many writers don’t know how to write strong characters. They slap together a name, a description, a few personality traits—maybe a backstory, if you’re lucky—and call it a day… leaving the reader with nothing but a paper-doll show.

Writing strong characters that connect with readers isn’t difficult, it just takes having the right knowledge and tools—and a willingness to put that knowledge into practice.

Whether you’re fifteen or fifty, whether you’ve written a dozen stories or are working on your very first one, Writing Strong Characters for the Page or Stage has something for you. This interactive writing workshop will teach you these core principles of writing deeper, more authentic characters, and will equip you with the tools you need to mold these principles to your unique writing style.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a novel, a stage play, or a memoir—the core lessons of writing strong characters apply to all of the above, and we’ll explore the nuances of each of these mediums.

For roughly the price of a movie ticket, you’ll learn…

  • How to bring your character to life in your story or play
  • The key to writing strong themes without being preachy.
  • How to convey character through your writing.
  • The secret to getting inside your character’s head.
  • A foolproof way to quickly create realistic characters.


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Hours of professional instruction, workshop experience, personal feedback, and worksheets – $20.

Winning over readers and editors with your newfound powers of character creation? Priceless.


The workshop format allows you to apply lessons right away, and get personalized feedback from the class and instructor. We offer three different dates to ensure an intimate workshop experience.

Date & Time

December 8 (Sat), 12pm to 3pm at Aversboro Coffee in Garner

December 9 (Sun), 2pm to 5pm at 314 Deerfield Drive, Clayton

December 15 (Sat), 12pm to 3pm at Aversboro Coffee in Garner


Please make your payment at the time of registration via PayPal. To pay, simply go to my Paypal.Me page and follow the instructions there to send me your payment. If you don’t have PayPal, you can bring cash or check to the class. Just make sure to submit your registration!

How do I know this class is for me?

  • You love reading, have a basic command of writing, and are just starting to dabble in telling your own stories. (There’s no better foundation for your writing than learning how to write compelling characters!)
  • You’ve been writing for a while, but continue to struggle with characterization.
  • You’re a successful writer and you want to keep improving your craft and sharpening your skill.
  • You’re a teenager who dreams of being a bestselling author one day.
  • You’re a playwright who wants to give your actors stellar material so they can bring your vision to life on stage.
  • You’re a person with a remarkable life and a story to tell. (Just because a story is true doesn’t mean there aren’t characters!)


We’ll cover five training modules, which each include writing exercises and group activities. After the training, we’ll come together and apply what we’ve learned to the characters in our own stories and workshop these characters together.

  • What Makes a Great Character?
    The foundations of writing compelling characters.
  • The Stories Behind the Story
    Exploring backstory and how to leverage it in your writing.
  • Exploring Conflicts in Character
    The different types of conflict and how to apply them to your characters and plot.
  • Writing a Character Arc
    The vital relationship between character and plot.
  • How to Translate Personality onto the Page
    How to best convey your characters in a novel, memoir, or script.

About the Instructor

Emily Irish has been writing and studying the craft of writing for 12 years. She co-led a writing group, interned as an editorial assistant for the Christian publishing house Enclave Publishing, and has worked as a professional writer for 6 years.

Her current novel-in-progress, Hidden in the Light, got her accepted into the 2019 Futurescapes workshop, where she’ll be working with top agents, editors, and authors in the speculative fiction genre. Emily was homeschooled through high school, and is eager to give back to Raleigh’s homeschool community by helping to equip the next generation of writers.